Postgraduate Students

I welcome applications from home and overseas students with their own funding for research in imagery, mental skills training or a related topic.  If you are interested in applying for MRes or PhD studies, please email me ( in advance to discuss your proposed topic and funding source.

Current Students

  1. Simone Helleren (2016-present)
  2. Farhan Noordali (2013-present)
  3. Benjamin Parry (2015-present)
  4. Grace Tidmarsh (2017-present)
  5. Fredrik Weibull (2010-present)

Past Students

Primary Supervisor

  1. Nurwina Anuar (2012-2016)
  2. Sam Cooley (2011-2015) “Developing groupwork through outdoor adventure education: a systematic evaluation of learning and transfer in higher education
  3. Mark Holland (2007-2012) “The role and development of life skills in young sport participants
  4. Maria-Christina Kosteli (2012-2016) “Imagery use in older adults
  5. Sanna M. Nordin (2002-2005) “Imagery in Dance”
  6. Richard Ramsey (2004-2008)  “Neural Processes of Action Imagination”
  7. Damian Stanley (2005-2010) “Exercise Imagery Use”
  8. Sarah Williams (2007-2011) “Athlete imagery ability and effective imagery use
  9. Charlotte Woodcock (2007-2012) “A mutli-method examination of the processes and outcomes of IZOF interventions in competitive sports: Implications for program design, delivery, and evaluations

Second Supervisor

  1. Rob Hardwick (2006-2010) “Neurobehavioural Representations of Observed Action Viewpoint
  2. Mimi Ho (2010-2017)
  3. Emily Novaokvic (2012-2013) “Transferable Skills in Higher Education: The Contribution of Extracurricular Activity Participation
  4. Eleanor Quested (2006-2010) “Social and psychological determinants of well- and ill-being among vocational dancers: A self-determination theory approach
  5. Mary Quinton (2012-2017)

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